2005 dreams

saga / eni
gem ☼ leo ☽ gem ⇪
he/him 20+
latinx pt/eng ok
horny asexual

i made love to a ps1 once and will do it again
deletes old tweets ; deactivates sometimes

saint seiya
ff (mostly 7)
dragon ball
old games
gbf & mobages
idol games

ive consumed all saint seiya media existent many times
and ready for anything thats about to come my way
i cant do anything without livetweeting it sorry

the bad boys and bad girls that are going kick my ass someday
bowser isnt here but he being my main is common knowledge

GBF: 14954607
DRST: 535375912
discord: #6410

slide me a dm before adding on these 3 last ok